Belper and District Quiz League

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Appendix 1 Guidance for Question Readers

Rounds 1 & 8 Three Part Team Questions

The Question Reader must read out all 3 questions before requesting or accepting any answers form the Captain or their Nominee. The question Reader should not indicate whether any answer is correct until all three answers (or Passes) have been given. The following procedure should be adhered to, to avoid any advantage being gained by a team trying a single answer to check they are on the right track before giving further answers:

Question Reader: Asks all three parts to Team 1 with a short pause between each question. After 30 seconds pause asks for answers please

Captain 1: Answers A, B & C are given

Question Reader: Answer A is correct. Answers B & C are incorrect and are passed to Team 2 for bonus points

Captain 2: Answers B & C are given

Question Reader: Answer C is correct for a bonus point; the answer to question B was _____.

Rounds 2 & 5 Individual Rounds

There should be no conferring in these rounds and nothing should be written down.

The individual chooses a number, it is read out and an answer should be given within 10 seconds. If the answer is correct 2 points are awarded. If incorrect the question is passed over to their opposite number in the opposing team for an answer within 5 seconds.

If the correct answer then given, one bonus point is awarded. If the answer is incorrect it then passes back to a member of the original team, again to give an answer in 5 seconds.

A correct answer gains 1 bonus point, an incorrect answer allows the question to go back to the other team for a bonus if a correct answer is given.

Rounds 4 & 6 Two Part Team Questions

The guidelines for these rounds is exactly the same procedure for Rounds 1 & 8 above, one point per correct answer.

Rounds 3 & 7 Written Rounds

The Question Reader will read out all 8 questions with a 10 second pause between each question. After a further 30 second pause, answer papers should be swapped and the answers given. There are 2 points awarded for each correct answer.

Beer Round

See the written instructions for this round as they may change each week.