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Useful Information - Rules



Rules 9-18 and 22-26 inclusive, and Appendix 1 (Guidance for Question Readers) do not need an AGM to be changed. It was agreed at the 2008 AGM that these could change depending on the format of the questions set by the Question Setter for the season. The proposed format is reviewed by the committee before each season and the Question Setter will explain any changes at the BDQL AGM.


Changes to any of the rules will require notification to the Committee no later than 2 weeks before the AGM.



a. Teams to consist of 4 players, one of whom is designated Captain. Teams may play with a minimum of 2 players. (See Scoring Section paragraph ‘e’ below)

b. Once a player has played for a Team in the League, they may not play for another one. However in the Moriarty Cup they may play for another Team. If 2 teams from the same venue enter the cup, it must be made clear which Players are representing which Team for the duration of the cup.


a. The Home Team should provide a Question Reader and Scorer. If there is no scorer available, both Teams should appoint a scorer from within their Team.

b. Matches to be played on a Thursday Evening starting at 2030 hrs but no later than 2045 hrs.

c. In the event of severe weather, 3 BDQL Committee Members, (usually the President, Chairman and Treasurer), will decide whether to postpone the evening’s fixture. Team Captains will be notified by ‘phone.

d. It is the responsibility of the Home Captain to ensure the question envelope is readily available and both Team Captains are asked to ensure the envelope is sealed.

e. A coin will be tossed by a member of the Home Team, the winner of the toss to decide who will receive the first questions. Upon completion of round 4 a break should take place and upon the restart at round 5, the other team will receive the questions first.

f. Each match will consist of 8 rounds. See paragraph “Scoring”.

g. During individual rounds, there should be no conferring and writing implements should not be held.

h. During Team rounds the Team Captain gives the answers unless another Team member is nominated.

Beer Round – After the main quiz has finished a Beer Leg is played. This is a written quiz taking 10 minutes. Answer papers are then marked by the opposite teams allocating 1 point for each correct answer so if a team wins 10-9; they get ten points and their opponents one less i.e. one beer league point for each correct answer on the night. In the event of a team not fulfilling the fixture, their opponents will receive the average score of the other teams playing on the night, rounded up or down to the nearest whole number. The aggregate scores are used each week to build the Beer League table over the season. The beer round results should be telephoned or texted through with the main quiz results before 2300hrs.

NOTE: It is traditional that the losers of the Beer Leg usually buy the winning team a drink. If the Beer Leg is tied then both teams should buy the Question Master/Scorer a drink.


If agreed between the 2 Teams, timing, (as listed in the “Scoring” section below), can be flexible in the League and is determined by the Question reader. Captains have the option to say if they think the given time is being too generous. HOWEVER in the KO Cup, the timings stated are mandatory.


The following timings and scoring will appear, in brief, on each weeks question sheets

a. In 3-part team questions, 30 seconds should be given before answers are required. For any questions passed across, the opposing team has 5 seconds to answer. Scoring is 1 point for each correct answer.

b. In 2-part team questions, 20 seconds is allowed for answers to be given and 5 seconds for questions passed over. Scoring is 1 point for each correct answer.

c. For individual questions there can be no conferring during these rounds and writing implements should not be held.

Answers should be given within 10 seconds and in the event of an incorrect, or no answer, the question is passed over for the opposite member of the opposing team to answer within 5 seconds.

If they then give an incorrect answer it is passed back to the original team for someone to indicate they wish to answer within 5 seconds.

If they then give an incorrect answer it goes back to a member of the other team who indicate they will answer within 5 seconds.

Scoring is 2 points for an initial first answer then 1 point for a correct answer when passed over.

d. In the written round, answer papers should be swapped for markings. 2 points for each correct answer.

e. Absent players – In the individual rounds if a team has less than 4 players, when it is the turn of an ‘absent’ player to chose a number, the Team Captain will chose a question number for the absent player and the question will go straight to the player opposite player, who if gives the right answer will be awarded 1 point. If am incorrect answer is given then the question is offered back to the team with the absent player, and passed back again if another incorrect answer is given.

f. Teams will receive 2 points for a match win and 1 point for a draw. If a team fails to turn up at the fixture, 2 points will be awarded to the other team. They will also be awarded the average of the winning scores for that night. League Tables will be issued weekly by e-mail and will be available via the BDQL website.


This quiz is the same format as the League but strict timings must be adhered to.

The format will be teams from the main league, divided into 2 smaller leagues drawn at the Charity night. The winners of League 1 will play the Runners-Up of League 2. The winners of League 2 will play the Runners-up of League 1 in the semi-finals.

In the event of a tie in the League positions, the team who has scored the most points will go through to the final.


The home Team Captain is responsible for ‘phoning or texting the results of the Match and Beer Round through before 2300 hrs on the night of the quiz to the mobile number on the score sheet, as per the instructions on the Score sheet. League Tables will be e-mailed to those who wish to receive them.


1. Perpetual Trophies and a Team certificate will be awarded for winners of the League, the Beer League and the KO Cup.

2. The Committee will decide whether new teams applying for the League will be admitted.

3. Match Fees are set each year at the League AGM when the Treasurer will inform of dates when the subs are due. Failure to pay in a timely fashion could lead to suspension from the League and Cup.

4. The League Trophy will be known as the “Strutt Club Trophy” and KO Cup will be known as the “Moriarty Cup sponsored by Paul Braddock”.

5. The Constitution of the Committee shall be: President (Honorary, non-electable), Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Results Co-ordinator, 2 Lay Members. Any Question Setters not on the Committee can be co-opted.

6. In the event of the League being wound up, all monies remaining will be split amongst the teams in the League at that point in time.

7. Changes to these Rules, Appendix 1 and Guidance for Question Setters – Changes to these rules, quiz format and scoring should be reviewed, and agreed, at the yearly BDQL Committee’s AGM, to reflect any agreed changes being implemented for the new season. These should then be put to the BDQL AGM.

8. Any member of the BDQL wishing to put a motion to the BDQL AGM must notify the BDQL Committee, via the Chairman or President, no later than two weeks before the date of the BDQL AGM.

Guidelines for Question Setters

Questions should not be too long and punctuation should be correctly used, Gold Run Blockbusters must not be more than 3 letters.

Formatting; questions should not run into their answers on the question sheet.

Avoid personal occupational questions & questions specific to Belper’s locality and questions relating to Sky television programmes, not everyone has Sky.

The number of questions in the Beer Leg should be the same throughout the quiz season.

Ensure there is at least one score sheet enclosed with the questions with the correct telephone number to send the results to.

The timings and scoring for each round should be listed at the top of each round on the question sheet.